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**Machine translation of this report in dutch**

Report of talking circle Frog Garden – 24 november 2019

Present: Vincent, Johan, Jurjen, Sam, Stefaan, Maria, Gerrit, Bram, Sander, Edwin, Ines, Mariama, Rahul, Aya, moeder van Bram (naam?), ouders van vrouw die aan ingang bos woont (namen?), Sigrid

Led by Stefaan

Presentation round: Who are you? What does this place mean to you? What do you wish for this place?

For the people in the circle, the place means connecting with nature and being together with others. They wish that this place can remain a community place, where they can find this connection with nature and with each other again and again.

Information about the situation of the Frog Garden: Frog Garden consists of 2 separate areas: grounds with chalet and grounds with pond
Land with chalet is sold. Asking price is 10,000 euros. The current contract is a rental contract with the right to have priority in purchase. 600 euros in rent has already been paid and 1400 euros for purchase. It is not clear whether the asking price is 10,000 euros extra or 10,000 minus the 1,400 euros already paid.

The owners have said that the purchase price is higher than previously stated because the site would not be well maintained.

Five people own the neighboring site with a pond. They think it is good that this site is used (vegetable garden, camping, sweat lodges, …) as long as everything happens in a natural way.
Vzw De Grote Eik will start a crowd funding campaign to purchase the terrain with the chalet. Rahul starts this crowd funding. He asks that people write down what this place means / has meant to them and email this to him as soon as possible (email:
We want to create additional sleeping accommodation in the Frog Garden in the future. Fixed structures may not be built. We could use (heated) tents and tree houses. It is not clear whether yurts can be placed.
It is important to maintain the pleasant contact with the environment. If we maintain unity within the circle / non-profit organization, the outside world will not cause division either (outside world is a mirror of our inside world). That is why we want to resolve conflicts immediately by bringing them into the circle and discussing them openly (speaking with instead of about each other).
Vzw Grote Eik: Everyone is welcome to become a member of the vzw. Bram has made a beautiful website for the non-profit association ( The chairman is now Kristoff. A new president will be elected as Kristoff now lives in Croatia
The Frog Garden needs help with maintenance of the garden and the chalet.
To clarify the vision for the place, there will be a Dragon Dreaming on Saturday 7 December, followed by a potluck. The Dragon Dreaming starts at 2 pm, in the Frog Garden. This would be guided by Sam, but since Sam can’t on December 7th, someone else will.

We hope to see you on December 7th. Until then!