Kiewitseweg , 3690 Zutendaal

the Frog Garden

The frog garden…. A place where you can come home…

  • This is one of the 3 locations of “Zutendaal community.”A beautiful off grid place in the midst of nature


Short History :

-The frog garden was squatted around 2013 ….

-Since then many people came and go …

-Around 2016 we had an agreement with the owner that we can live there…

-In the autumn of 2020 we bought the place

-What is the future of this beautiful place?


Some main key phrases :

-The frog garden as a place where beautiful things are happening in harmony with nature.

-The frog garden as a sort of free space without a fixed owner where people take their responsibility (natural owner ship, trat the place as you home )

A wonderful garden of love where you can recharge, grow, create, learn, teach, connect, with nature & with others in respect, peace & freedom.

To stay true to these phrases we were thinking that our vzw “degroteeik” could buy this place.

By buying this place as a vzw we could open up this place to people who wants to put their energy and love in ….

To find the right people is also a must here are some guidelines:

*The house is a off grid house so no electricity or running water (there is a water pump)… So you must be willing to roll up your sleeves… If you have any skills/experience/knowledge in these topics always a plus!!!!

*Have a very low or non-ecological  impact, the frog garden is located in a protected forest area… (No chemical soap, cream, produce as little garbage as possible, respect the quietness of this place. Cars only at the entrance of the forest)

*The willing to live together with people, be open to community life… (So it happens regularly that we do music, dance, meditations, Yoga, qi gong, massage, & many other things that are good for us! It’s possible to organize workshops about anything that helps us to feel healthy & happy… Please let us know if yo have any skills or knowledge that you would like to share!)

This is a magic place where you can let go of all the stress from the society & feel your own truth.