Kiewitseweg , 3690 Zutendaal


De grote eik (the big oak) has the following vision:

To be a community of human-beings and animals that live in unity and harmony with nature and each other.   A community that is inspired to live in a sustainable and sufficiënt way.   Hereby we create a healthy future for ourselves and the next generations.

As an organization we would like to be a furtile soil where we are connected to ourselves, nature and society.  A fertile soil where every strong oak can grow.   A tree with a wide canopy that allows different domains to grow: ecology, permaculture, gardening, spirituality, education, health and art…   We strive to achieve these goals through workshops, courses, events and lectures to support and stimulate the development of the individual and the collective.  

There fore we can create a space where creating a sense of community, unrestrained creativity, living together in dignity can with meet in reciprocity and can grow together.    Where we can search for (a new) breath, brining together, being together, enjoyment, the wholeness of the whole, enjoyment of the abundance of love, wheere people can be themselves in freedom.  Feeling and reading of ourselves and nature.

Creating a space to meet each other, to recharge batteries, both for young and old.

This is also a quest to detach ourselves from the current economy and to take on societal challenges in terms of the usage of land, health, construction…
A quest to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum and to be a source of inspiration and an example for a sustainable, free and healthy future.
A quest to live as self-sufficient as possible, to produce organic and ecological food by applying permaculture principles.

A space where where we respect the nature and the rights of mother earth and where we can enjoy abundance.

A space where people with stress, burn-out can come to theirselves again and recharge batteries.