Kiewitseweg , 3690 Zutendaal

Where Am I??

Welcome home!
at the frog-garden

Frog Garden Info-Book.

  • This is one of the 3 locations “Zutendaal community.”
  • Here we try to live in harmony with nature, with ourselves & with each others.


  • We try to reduce our ecological impart by producing our own good or
    skipping food that was about to be destroyed.
  • We want to be an example in these hard times for mother earth.
  • There is here the possibility & the wish to organise worckshops about
    nature & self-sustainable modes of living.
    If you hav any skills/experience/knowledge in these topics
    and you want to share it please let us know.
  • Every one is responsible to take care of this beautiful planet.
    . No chemical soap, cream, …around here.
    . Produce as less garbage as possible (avoid to buy plastic)
    . Put the garbage where it belongs (garbage system in the kitchen) & try to recycle.
    If you find something on the ground, please take it.
    . No fire except in the house.
    . Respect the quietness of this place.
    . Cars only at the entrance of the forest.
    . Try to buy as eco-friendly as possible.


  • We are trying to live in harmony with nature but also take care of our bodies and minds.
    This implies eating as healthy as possible & having a healthy mode of living (but sometimes we like chocolate, ice-creams & fries)
  • So it happens regularly that we do music, dance, meditations, yago, qi gong, massage, & many other things that are good for us!
  • Again, it’s possible to organise here workshops about anything that helps us to feel healthy & happy… Please let us know if yo have any skills or knowledge that you would like to share!


  • You can visit us from 5 mninutes to seeral weeks depending on your intentions & how we feel about it.
  • From longer term-guests we expect that they participate in the daily & long-term missions (*see missions board)
  • Please, always feel free & comfortable to share how you feel. You can also ask for a talking circle.
    Share your light, color, music, skills, care, passions, wisdom.
  • This is a magic place where you can let go of all the stress from the society & feel your own truth
    A wonderful garden of love where you can recharge, grow, create, learn, teach, connect, with nature & with others in respect, peace & freedom.
  • Treat this place as your home
  • Please respect it if the place or we need peace & quiet.
    Just go with the flow & feel..

Love & Light
Vincent & Isa,
The Frog-garden guardians.