Kiewitseweg , 3690 Zutendaal

What is “De Grote Eik” (the big oak)?

We are Family the big oak and we live in a beautiful place in the municipality of Zutendaal in Belgium (between Genk en Maastricht). We are a community of people and animals that live in unity and in connection with the nature and ourselves. A community that is inspired to live in a sustainable and self-sufficiency. By doing this we create a healthy future for us and for the next generations. A community where you can come to yourself.

What does this place mean to you? Write us at


You make a difference at our place!

You are welcome to help us build and maintain a community.

Help us build up the Frog Garden The Frog garden is a beautiful piece of ground in the forest, where a small but beautifull house was build. We are looking for motivated people that want to help build up and maintain this place. Do you join in?

Work a wayCheck out the work a way site!

Grow and harvest togetherWe corporate with  “Besmer Bazaar”, a local organization that has a second hand shop.   We build and maintain a give-away-garden.  Address of the shop: Gijzenveldstraat 3, Zutendaal (open on Saturday). The garden is behind the building and you can accis it via the “Valkenbergstraat”

Eatable forest

If we in the low countries don’t touch a piece of land, then it will turn into a forest.   If we leaf nature to it it will be a balanced and sustainable …


Nature consciousness

It’s clear that nature has a healing effect on us.  We are part of nature and our being becomes calm when we are in a natural environment full of singing leaves….



Excursion for mushrooms, edible plants.  How to turn your grey concrete filled garden into a vital, edible and joyfull oasis…